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Five 2021 posts you may have missed

The stark charms of our agricultural landscape

Visit Lake Renwick Preserve/Heron Rookery Nature Preserve for birds in abundance

Has birding etiquette gone too far?

The state of Illinois farm fields for raptors this winter

A conversation with Andrew Morkes, author of “Nature in Chicagoland”

To rake or not to rake?

Carvana tower poses threat to migrating birds

Leave the leaves, Chicago

Bird-tracking radio antenna is a first for Chicago

Black Scoters at suburban lake (again) are worth a visit

The top five posts from the first year of TWiB

As thousands of cranes move into region, proposal for hunt is a head-scratcher

NEW: Bell Bowl Prairie given temporary reprieve

Suit could halt bulldozing of Bell Bowl Prairie

Should the Red-headed Woodpecker be Illinois' state bird?

Save the date! New beer, film trailer and more

Prairie State of mind, BCN population trends and a ladle of dippers - TWiB Notes for 10.18.21

Words from Billy Caldwell's land

What birds are up against

'We can't just let this prairie go'

Join the TWiB flock

Appreciating the wonders of fall migration, the beauty of subtle plumage and all

Mayor's budget is...kind of a big deal

The Big Sit is a tradition unlike any other

Despite avian beauty, camping in Yellowstone was an albatross

SOSA, COMO and EGGOs: maybe birding shorthand should be a NOGO

The mysteries of The Magic Stump

Nighthawks are a masterpiece of migration

A look back at how I got into filmmaking

Chicago seahawks? Osprey population surges to new heights in Illinois, Montana and elsewhere

The Great Salt Lake is dying; One of America's largest shorebird refuges is drying up

Five places to go birding in and around Chicago this fall

A look at Montrose Point trail improvements and what's next

"We are a city in a garden."

Audio & Vireo: How to identify the songs of the Midwest's treetop dwellers

The domino effects of the Indiana isolated wetlands bill

The Pandemic Big Year: a Year in Review

Plover chicks at Montrose mark new chapter in extraordinary story

Restoring connectivity between Powderhorn Lake + Wolf Lake brings marsh birds together

Magic Hedge project leaves many frustrated, scratching their heads

Here's what it was like to find Kirtland's Warbler in Michigan and the Bahamas in the same year

“Sorry folks, park’s closed. Moose out front shoulda told ya.”

The case for grackles

This is why Nish's story seems eerily familiar

Nish makes history of his own as Monty and Rose face a setback

My night lost in the Canadian wilderness

Here's why birding isn't a privilege available to everyone

Prothonotary Warblers, the 'swamp candles' of our flooded forests

Great Horned Owls become proud parents after all

Skulky, scarce and secretive, Connecticut Warblers are famously elusive

Swamp warbler serendipity

Thirty-six warbler species are passing through Chicago right now

Cook County is the most birded county in the United States and why it matters

Get Ploverized with this roundup of Piping Plover news

Wild Turkey a LaBagh Woods first, plus the return of Rose

Six spring migration hotspots in Chicago

A month searching for Chicago's timberdoodles, and here's what I found

Chicago Park District steps up for natural areas, endangered species

Short-eared Owl claims victory in March Migration Madness

Pint-sized predator: American Kestrel status and where to find them

Birds and brews and boats

Feathered Four: Short-eared Owl vs. American Woodcock

Feathered Four: Sandhill Crane vs. American Kestrel

Winter Wren vs. American Woodcock

Short-eared Owl vs. Golden-crowned Kinglet

A deeper appreciation for backyard birding

Eastern Towhee vs. American Kestrel

Northern Pintail vs. Sandhill Crane

American Woodcock vs. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Ald. Cappleman on his support of more habitat at Montrose: "These birds are true survivors."

Yellow-rumped Warbler vs. Golden-crowned Kinglet

Short-eared Owl vs. Horned Lark

Shrike zone: Songbird predator is endangered in Illinois and Indiana

Eastern Phoebe vs. Eastern Towhee

Sandhill Crane vs. Killdeer

Pelican, pelican, its beak can hold more than its belly can

Sixteen birds in the Tweet 16, but only one will be crowned "Chirpion"

Why an extra 1.5 acres should matter to everyone

Volunteers needed in Chicagoland this summer

An appreciation of cardinals

What are all these Chicago ducks and gulls eating this winter?

On keeping our favorite places—and birds—a secret

Grounded by pandemic, international guide brings birding tours to Chicago audience

The sad story of a vagrant Brant

Birding and environmental justice aren't mutually exclusive

A few thoughts on using eBird (for people who've never used eBird)

These ducks have decided to spend the winter on the Chicago River

This Week in Birding: The Superb Owl preview edition

A little ride on the winter prairie

When birding was a national sport

Local raptors receive international spotlight: Apple TV+ docuseries features Chicago’s Peregrine Falcons

Why 1 acre of lakefront habitat matters

Remembering Chicago's Hazel Johnson, mother of the environmental justice movement, 10 years after her passing

Introducing Dodger, a piping plover attempting to spend the winter in Chicago

"Dodger" set for Jan. 15 release

Champaign's Aerin Tedesco sets big year record for species seen by a female birder

Park District draws line in the sand, only in the wrong place

How reversing the Chicago River reshaped some of the richest ecosystems in Illinois