"Dodger" set for Jan. 15 release

“Dodger” is a micro-short documentary about an endangered Piping Plover spending the winter on frozen Montrose Beach in Chicago. Nicknamed Dodger, the bird became the first known Piping Plover to be seen into January in Illinois. The story presaged the arrival of the beloved Piping Plover pair, Monty and Rose, who have called Chicago home the past two summers. Dodger is 1 minute, 52 seconds long and will be released to This Week in Birding subscribers on Jan. 15.

Dodger is a TURNSTONE film produced in association with This Week in Birding. It was directed and produced by Bob Dolgan and filmed and edited by Mitchell Wenkus. It features comments from Dolgan and Geoff Williamson of Third Coast Birding and original music by Staś Gunkel. Additional images and video provided by: Jeff Bilsky, Jamie Burning, David Gunkel, Steve Huggins, Frank Murphy and Geoff Williamson.

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