Short-eared Owl vs. Horned Lark

These birds have a lot in common, not quite the symmetry of yesterday’s Eastern Towhee-Eastern Phoebe matchup, but close. Both are birds of North America along with other continents, which is always exciting. Horned Larks range across the Northern Hemisphere. Short-eared Owls are found on every continent but Antarctica and Australia. Both are fond of open country; unfortunately both are listed as in steep decline also.

The conventional wisdom is that an owl has an advantage over most any other species in the brackets. We will see about that, as I was proved wrong when I took American White Pelican, another charmer, over Northern Pintail. Horned Larks bring much delight when they’re seen on a cold snowy farm road. But I’ll go with convention here.

Pick: Short-eared Owl