A recently-passed bill renders much of Indiana’s wetlands vulnerable to development with broad-reaching effects on everything from bird populations to …
In 2020, I set a new record for the highest number of bird species seen in a calendar year in Cook County.
When I arrived, Rose was fidgety on the nest. July 7, 2021, was another hot one on Chicago’s beaches. The humidity was thick in the air as beachgoers s…
Key marsh birds like the Black-Crowned Night Heron and the Pied-billed Grebe rely on a healthy hemi-marsh to thrive
Bird sanctuary closed through August to construct accessible path that is part of 2015 site plan.
There were only a few hundred of these "jack pine birds" left as recently as the late 1980s.
A Wally World moment at Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary.
Glossy, iridescent, raspy and cacophonous, these blackbirds deserve our respect.
“Everybody is trying to learn as much as they can about Piping Plovers. None of us were around in 1940-something when this happened last time.”
The good, the bad and the reality of shorebird life.
Separated from food, water and gear, and plagued by mosquitoes, a canoe trip that became an epic misadventure.
Black Birders Week has shifted perceptions and upended assumptions about who birders are and what birding can be.