Eastern Towhee vs. American Kestrel

Yesterday we had Sandhill Crane advance to the Feathered Four in a walk over Northern Pintail. Today’s matchup is going to be close. Eastern Towhee comes in having toppled Eastern Phoebe, and American Kestrel beat Loggerhead Shrike, a sentimental favorite of mine and a bird that is endangered in Indiana.

One thing that’s neat about both of these birds is that they aren’t particularly common, meaning they’re a delight most every time they’re observed. Towhees can be very apparent in summer in the right places, though, in brushy areas and thickets. And they have an irresistibly cheery song.

The American Kestrel is becoming even less common, unfortunately, which makes sightings all the more enjoyable. Like other small raptors such as Saw-whet Owls and Merlins, they have a loyal fan following, too.

Pick: American Kestrel