Sitemap - 2023 - This Week in Birding

Happy New Year

The top 5 posts of 2023

The most wonderful time of the year

An original snowbird: the adventures of a special Sanderling

An appreciation for sparrows

High plains drifter: A journey through southwest Wisconsin

Nature shouldn't be feared

Journey results in tall tales and circular logic

Before Audubon, there was Catesby

A round of robins

Plovers with local ties seen in Florida, Georgia

When worlds collide

The real James Bond was a legendary birder

Big Sit experience redefines yard work

Saving the Kankakee Mallow

TWiB Notes: Sowing Discord, Rust Belt flamingos, and a look at the Swainson's Thrush

What technology has done to field identification

TWiB Notes: Heat wave birds, House Wrens, and duck numbers

In pursuit of a birding nemesis

Watch an excerpt from Fluddles

The full Nelson's Sparrow: an uncommon species and its ties to Chicago

TWiB Notes: Movie gaffes, the Hawks, and hewing yews

Amount of protected land is drop in the bucket

Tales of a summer backyard

Life on the road

"Obsession" leads to moss data for entirety of Chicago region

Startling statistic: Illinois' ranking in natural land

Going grape: Orioles take to jelly, orange feeder

A visit to Arkansas as Ivory-billed Woodpecker faces historic listing decision

TWiB Notes: Big Days, Imani, Wind Turbines, and Gardening Awards

Illinois rare bird alert finds home on messaging app

A survey on Illinois' natural areas

An American Bittern strikes a pose

Thoughts on Gordon Lightfoot

Piping Plovers lead busy week in birding

Chicago is Piping Plover territory again

Fantastic fluddles and where to find them

The beautiful birds of Eleuthera

What are your thoughts on environmental mitigation?

What I learned from the Mayor of Canaryville

What I learned from Ralph Sampson

Nature is the best solution for Chicago's lakefront

Piping Plover 2023 season preview

The problem with the Blackhawks

Eagles find inviting atmosphere in Ohio

A requiem for Bell Bowl Prairie

NEW: Construction expected to resume at Bell Bowl Prairie

'Birdwatchers and shorebirds both dream of fluddles'

Rain fills fluddles with water, ducks

The problems with mega events

Fluddle watch starts early

Urban birdwatchers, conservation, and bending the biodiversity curve

Indiana’s nest box program boosts Barn Owl resilience

Loving it and listing it: Cook County big year records toppled in 2022

Starved Rock is a unique winter birding destination

'Slow birding' on the North Shore Channel

Eagle encounter at Emiquon filled with tension

You're invited: World Wetlands Day Chat and Favorite Fluddles

First birds won't be the last birds of the year

This isn't California

What was your first bird of the year?