Potawatomi leader's property on the Northwest Side is where many enjoy birding and other pursuits in the outdoors.
Not everyone appreciates avifauna the way we do
Rockford Airport project would clear rare gravel prairie, home to Rusty-patched Bumble Bee, Black-billed Cuckoo, Pasqueflower, Bobolink and more.
Chicagoland birds need our help
There are plenty of aspects of autumn that put it on par with the showier spring months, even when the birds aren't as "handsome."
Signs of almost any climate and environmental agenda in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s first two years in office have proved elusive. In fact, the first years …
Break out the lawn chairs and get comfortable, it's time to sit in a 17-foot circle all day and identify as many species as possible.
Lamenting a summer adventure while celebrating Clark's Nutcrackers, magpies, ravens and more.
An autobiography in bird abbreviations, from the pages of my notebook to you.
An Illinois farm field--and an old Osage Orange tree--attract a phenomenal variety of raptors.
And a thank you for "Monty and Rose 2"
In September 2018 I took a leap by quitting my job without another one lined up. It was definitely a risk, but I knew whatever I did next would be bett…