I would turn every pond,lake, stream, park, or any land or body of water,and or forest I could that has become overwhelmed with LITTER into a sanctuary that I possibly could with that money. That way ppl could not fish&or leave LITTER without paying a hefty fine. I'd create a safe harbor for any animals that live at these locations, frequent, &or nest at these places so they would never have to worry about getting entangled in fishing line&hooks, or there babies suffocating in plastic bags floating in the water. I'd also pay ppl to guard these locations, so ppl would be held accountable for their actions if they did break any of these rules.

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Aug 29, 2022Liked by Bob Dolgan

Welcome back! I really appreciate your normalization of backyard bird watching, and enjoying the so-called "common" species.

Every time I've driven past those flatwoods they look like an inviting space to explore, but I haven't taken the opportunity yet. Sounds like it's definitely worth it.

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